Why you should trade with a crypto bot

You're already trading cryptocurrencies manually, but you think crypto bot trading might be interesting as well. Why should you start trading with a crypto bot? In this article we'll tell you all about the advantages of crypto bot trading.


One of the biggest advantages of crypto bot trading is that it's time-saving. When you're trading manually, you need to watch it all the time and make the trades yourself. This will cost a lot of time and energy. A crypto bot does this work for you, so you will save a lot of time.

Faster trading

Maybe you can trade really fast at the moment, but you'll still need some time to make your decisions. Crypto bots trade really fast; sometimes these trading bots just need seconds to make a trade. Smartcryptobot.com is one of the fastest bots out there. It makes trades within three to five seconds. When you're trading faster, you can make more money.

Built-in strategies

One other advantage of trading with a crypto bot is that a bot uses it's built-in strategies. These strategies can be very smart and may be updated everyday. It's recommended to look for a crypto bot that has some advanced built-in strategies.

Right decisions

As an advanced trader you probably make the right decisions most of the time, according to your strategy. But maybe you're tired sometimes or emotional and at these moments you might make the wrong decisions. A bot doesn't do this, as it isn't human. It just follows its own built-in strategy and the trading rules you have set up.

You can still switch to manual trading

A lot of traders don't know this, but with most trading bots it's possible to switch to manual. You can just set this up in the settings. This means that whenever you want to you can still trade manually, but the rest of the time the bot does all the work for you. So it really is the best of both worlds.